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Unfortunately the Fabulous YOU Bundle is no longer for sale. Head to and sign up for updates to find out about Laura’s next products.

Fed up of feeling like crap? (Even though you’ve tried every diet under the sun)

Tried of fighting the chocolate cravings and urges to raid the biscuit tin?

Need to get your portion sizes under control?

Want to lose weight, but don’t want to do a soul sucking diet to get there?

You need something different. You need Fabulous YOU.

If you…

  • Are fed up of feeling bigger than you’d like to be
  • Sick and tired of the 3pm energy slump
  • Know you eat portions that are better suited for your partner!
  • Have no idea how to balance treats and healthy eats
  • Find yourself on and off the healthy wagon again and again
  • Struggle with feeling like you aren’t worth the effort
  • Would just like to fit in your favourite clothes again
  • Find that feeling tired or stressed knocks you off balance
  • Just want to feel good again

Good news! The Fabulous YOU bundle is for you!

The Fabulous YOU bundle is a complete set of downloadable and printable PDF resources that will guide you towards a healthier, happier and more fabulous feeling YOU

You’ll learn how to unlock your most fabulous self through eating delicious food in the right balance, moving your body in a way that works for you and committing to luscious self care


  • Lose weight, if that is your goal
  • Learn about how to eat to have energy all day long
  • Trust yourself around food again and not worry about portion sizes
  • Feel more confident in your body and food choices
  • Figure out how to balance treats with healthy food (cause life without cake sucks!)
  • Make step by step, realistic changes to your lifestyle
  • Learn how to ‘dial it up’ to lose weight without dieting
  • Work simple self care rituals into your daily routine
  • Learn how to get yourself back on track when you have a slip up (cause this is real life)
  • Plus loads more!

The bundle is a truly unique mix of beautiful resources, worksheets and videos, all designed to guide you towards becoming your most fabulous self.

I’ve learnt so much from the Fabulous You course – I’ve gained a real understanding of the emotional and physical sides of my relationship with food and the way this combines to impact the way I feel. Most importantly, Laura has given me the tools I need to help myself, so I can feel even more fabulous as time goes on. Thanks so much!


The course really exceeding my expectations, I’m sad it had to end! Not only was the content helpful but Laura was active in the Facebook group offering support and wisdom to us all. I definitely feel more fabulous and am eating better than ever. I  discovered some of my triggers for spiralling into unhealthy habits and as a result feel more in control and able to deal with them. Most importantly I realise there will be ups and downs, but don’t beat myself up if i haven’t had a great day or made a poor food choice, this is an ongoing journey! I also love that I will always have the course materials to look back on when I need a boost.


I have been a typical yo-yo dieter for the majority of my life, beating myself up when I have eaten something off plan.  Letting other people make me feel guilty for not sticking with a diet longer than 5 minutes.  But all that mentality & attitude changed after completing the FABULOUS YOU! course.  I realised it’s not all about the number on a set of scales that makes me feel better about myself, but taking time out for me & making simple changes to everyday life all lead to my better well-being.  Plus Laura has made me realise, you can have your cake – and eat it (as long as I’m eating ‘wholeheartedly healthy’ for the rest of the day!!)


Here’s what you get in the Fabulous YOU Bundle…

Over 50 PDF resources, worksheets and videos including…

  • The fundamentals of healthy eating – Wholeheartedly Healthy Style!
  • How to dial it up to lose weight without dieting
  • Meal planning support
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • Metabolic typing – so you know what suits your body
  • Dealing with diet sabotage and emotional eating
  • Healthy grocery shopping
  • Quitting negative self talk
  • Developing self care rituals that really make a difference
  • How to ‘dial it up’ to diet without dieting
  • Healthy triggers
  • Emotional and physical decluttering
  • Non sappy self love techniques
  • The Healthy Full Stop
  • How to balance healthy eating and having treats, without the treats taking over!

Once you’ve worked through the resources you can expect to have lost weight, feel better in your body and confident in decisions you make around food, as well as really understanding what works for YOU to keep you sparkling.

Why work with Laura?

I’m a certified Health Coach and the blogger behind and the author of Grains As Mains. For the last 5 years I’ve been inspiring, empowering and educating women to live a healthy, happy, fabulous life. I’ve coached over 100 women 1-2-1 and through my courses and guides. I know what it’s like to feel overweight, fed up and like going on another diet is the only option. I used to weigh almost 15 stone, and I’ve been on a long journey to find my Fabulous, but I’m happy to say I didn’t need another diet to get here.

I understand where you are coming from believe me, and I’m here to tell you it’s 100% possible to completely change how you feel right now. Let me show you how!

I found the course really helpful! There’s a wealth of information and activities to get you thinking about small changes that can make a big impact. It’s beautifully presented and a pleasure to work through. The Facebook group was a revelation and completely changed my mindset. Melanie

I did the Fabulous YOU course because I wanted to learn how I could be more healthy in general, not just how I could lose weight.  The course helped me to learn to listen to my body and understand what it was telling me.  This in itself is awesome, but the biggest gift of all from this course, is the way it’s taught me to love my fabulous body as it is right now, instead of waiting until I’ve lost some weight or toned up.  I’ve learned that it’s okay to love how my body looks and feels at the same time as working towards improving it.  This is a huge shift in mindset for me, and it’s made me feel a hundred times more fabulous!  This course is about so much more than losing a few pounds – it’ll teach you to love and accept yourself, and to understand that you truly are fabulous! Rachel

The course has allowed me to explore different aspects of changing my lifestyle in a positive and steady way. The support from the group and from Laura has been invaluable and I’ve benefitted so much; both in terms of my attitude to food and my attitude to myself. Amy

The Fabulous YOU Bundle is for you if…

♥ You want to take a truly holistic approach to your health and wellbeing

♥ You understand that its lifestyle changes that lead to lasting weight loss, and you’d like to learn how to make those changes work for you

♥ You’re comfortable with working through the bundle without additional coaching

♥ You want to be healthy for the rest of your life!

The Fabulous YOU course is NOT for you if…

♥ You want a quick fix

♥ You feel like you need coaching through it (check out my 1-2-1 services for this)

♥  You’re not good at working through things on your own

My goals for the course were to to feel generally more fabulous and positive, especially as regards body image as well as sorting out my digestion troubles and generally feeing more energised and well. A secondary goal was to lose weight. I absolutely met my goals! My diet has really transformed and now I couldn’t live without my green smoothies and superfoods!! I have learnt a great deal and I have the tools I need to continue reaching my goals.  Sarah

The course got me on the right track. I’ve learnt that my issues with food go deeper than I thought, but I also feel for the first time that this is something I can tackle. I’ve loved the smoothies, meal planing and cooking from scratch and I will definitely keep this up. Meal planning has saved me pounds & lost pounds – I ended up losing 12lb! I’ve also learnt to be kinder to myself and that a bad meal, day whatever doesn’t mean I’ve failed and it’s all a learning curve. This has made a huge difference to my mind set and has contributed to the knowledge that I’ve got this. Lyndsey

I loved the course so much and wish it didn’t have to end! I think the support was a huge thing, knowing that there were other ladies doing the same, and knowing that a quick read of the downloads or Laura’s blog would give me endless ideas for amazingly delicious happy healthy food. I ended up losing 7lbs – so half a stone – a very important half a stone that took me from ‘bloated biscuit muncher’ to ‘ME AGAIN’. Karen

FAQ’s Didn’t this used to be a course? 

Yes, this used to be delivered as a group coaching programme, but I’m now offering it as a self study course made up of the exact resources, worksheets and videos I used with my groups.

What happens after I’ve paid? Your payment will be taken through the safe portal of PayPal and upon payment you’ll be sent an email with a link to the resource pack.

Will you be offering this as a course again? Right now I don’t think so, I will be creating a whole bunch of new products though and one will likely be a course format so stay tuned!

Will these resources help me to lose weight? Yes! If that is your goal, the course will support you with information and guidance to lose weight healthily.

Any other questions?  Please feel free to email me